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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual maintenance fee for my website?

Domain and Hosting renewal will be chargeable for you every year. you can check our domain and hosting price. Apart from this, there are no maintenance charges. If your website becomes to make frequent updates it will be charged. The charges will depend on the work

How long will it take to prepare my website?

5 to 7 days for small project and 15 to 30 days for big projects.

I want to see my website to the first page of Google on search, What do I have to do?

you have to buy our Search Engine Optimisation package. the price and time depend on your keywords and current marketing competition.

If I want to make some changes to the website in the future, then what will I have to do for it? ?

If you have to make changes to your website then you will have to contact us for that. Updating content will be free for you and I will be charged for some new work.

How to protect my website with W3 Dream Solutions?

We will take full responsibility for the maintenance of your website.

What will happen if my domain name or hosting is not renewed on time after expired ?

If you do not renew domain in 15 days after expiry, your domain will be lapsed. In this period you can get your domain name by paying extra fees. If you still do not renew, your domain will go to public in a month later. than anyone can purchase your domain.

How many email id's can I create with my domain name ?

Please visit our hosting packages and check email account limit's.

Who will take responsibility if my website is down?

We have good quality servers that are located in the United States. we provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. we will take full responsibility if your website dowm.

If I want to add some new pages in the future, then what will it cost?

If you want to add some new work after the project is completed you will be charged for it. The fee will depend on your requirements

Will there be any hidden costs associated with web development services?

No, There will be no hidden costs depending on your requirements. We quote an amount when you place order. we never ask for extra price.